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Report Date: Feb. 21, 2008
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The Mystery of The Seven Empires of The World
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Well, I have finally finished this report. I have to confess, one of the reasons I have waited until now to publish this report, is I wanted to watch the unfolding events that have been hitting the headlines over the last 30 days and take sometime to pray and reflect on them. Before I continue with "The Seven Empires of The World," there are some observations I would like to throw on the table for your consideration.

President Bush is pushing for a "false" peace deal by years end, The Iranian President along with Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Hadad claiming the destruction of Israel has begun, PM Olmert of Israel wants to give up the Golan Heights which is Israel's only high ground for it's common defense, Olmert has also stopped the U.S. from moving it's Embassy to Jerusalem, the Pentagon has an Islamic mole on the inside, Israel's General warns that war is on the horizon, 6.3 earthquake hits Nevada, President Reagan's Star Wars in working order, The EU is ready for it's First President, I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Tony Blair, Jerusalem focus of world attention, Iran renews ties with Egypt, and finally Putin threatens the U.S. with Nuclear War. Financial markets are struggling world wide, weather patterns all over the world are out of wack, wars and rumors of wars are breaking out all over the world, our kids are killing one another, young girls are being rapped and molested by people they should be able to trust, children are disrespectful to parents, and do not respect authority, violence is everywhere and here's the big one, the world is now drunk with the thought of peace at any cost and the division of Jerusalem. All of this is happening just like Yeshua our Messiah predicted and it would start right before His return read Matthew 24.


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The Lord told us in Zechariah and Jeremiah that anyone who tried to do away with Jerusalem would be crushed. Now that the world is focused on this issue, they will do anything to accomplish the goal that they mistakenly think will bring peace. The landscape is set for the GREAT HOPE of the world to return and we as believers in Yeshua should be excited that His return is upon us! Hence, that's what I think about all of what we are seeing today. Christian's everywhere and believers in Yeshua HaMashiach, look up and praise the God of Israel because your redemption is coming sooner than later!


     Acts 2:14-21

Blood Red Moon Over The
Temple Mount.
Could G-d
be telling us that He is
about to remove His hand
of protection and His hand
of Grace that protects this
world? I don't think any of this
is a coincidence, do you?

The blood of Christ will be the
evidence that G-d uses to judge
the world...


The Mystery of The Seven Empires of The World...


Most commentators and Biblical historians talk about the four kingdoms or empires that have ruled throughout human history. But, did you know that actually there were seven kingdoms? Understanding this makes the bible come alive in a new and fresh way. Therefore, let's start by naming the seven empires of the world.

World Empires in Human History (Daniel 2 & Revelation 17:10)

  1. Assyrian Empire

  2. Egyptian Empire

  3. Babylonian Empire (Dan. 2)

  4. Medo-Persia (Dan. 2)

  5. Greece (Dan. 2)

  6. Rome (Dan. 2

  7. Revived Rome/EU Today (Dan. 2)


In order to fully appreciate Prophecy and the days we are living, one must grasp with clarity history and that Rome was never conquered. Rome defeated itself from within. Internal moral decay is what brought Rome down. We also need to grasp this concept...G-d did not want Rome conquered because He had other plans for her at a date in the future -  that date and that future has arrived.


What we will seek to explain is how the current EU is the final empire revealed in the book of Daniel chapter 2.  This revived Empire is now being born into existence, a kind of resurrection of the Roman Empire and the leadership of the EU is struggling to find common ground for all 24 or 27 nations to agree on a constitution, that when completed will put the final legal frame work together that will then give birth to the image found in Daniel 2 and that being the 10 toes that came back to life - mixed with iron and clay. This scripture proves that what we are seeing right now within the EU structure and leadership, iron and clay do not mix, therefore, the final empire of the world "Revived Rome" will never get their act fully together. I find it really interesting that the number of completeness is 7 and it's as though G-d has reached through time and space to give us a colossal hint, seven Empires ruled, the time of the gentiles is over and and now the work of redemption is almost complete.


Okay with that said, let's take a look at history for a moment. Let's identify The Revived Roman Empire and it's formation and some of those forces that were at work behind the scenes that G-d used to help get this ball rolling.


Some Basic History of The EU

  1. Creator and Architect of the EU "Jean Monnet"

  2. 1957 The Treaty of Rome was signed

  3. Winston Churchill said, "We must build a kind of United States of Europe."


The Coming Together of The 10 Toes of Daniel
Note: The core or nucleus of the EU. It could expand to
30 or more nations, but the core are these 10 nations.

(Daniel 7:7,8,20 and 24; Rev. 12:3 and 7, 13:1, 17:3,7,12,16; Devour World Rev. 7:23 & 13:7)

  1. Benelux (1948 the 10 begin to join)

  2. Belgium

  3. Netherlands

  4. Luxembourg

  5. Italy (1957 Treaty Ratified)

  6. France

  7. Germany

  8. England

  9. Ireland - Denmark (entered 1973)

  10. Greece (entered 1981)

In Daniel 2:44 the Lord said we all could know when He would setup His Kingdom. "In the days of these Kings." By the way, the prayer thy Kingdom come - thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven will be fulfilled at this time. All of G-d's people's prayers over the centuries will finally at last be completely answered by the establishment of the Kingdom of G-d on earth.


We have established who the Kings and Kingdoms are and the time frame (age/era) of when the Lord would setup His Kingdom. We have also established who Revived Rome is. We know from our study of history that the 7th Kingdom is the EU and that the EU are the 10 toes of Daniel.


Where could the next world leader, the Antichrist come from? Let me back up for a minute. I shouldn't jump ahead. The Bible teaches in Daniel that the Antichrist will come out of the EU, but what Kingdom within the EU could he come out of? Interesting question isn't it? I stumbled onto a scripture that I believe gives a hint or a clue. Some more history... In Daniel 9:26-27 we get a glimpse of the Antichrist and what blood line he comes from and what he will do. Vespasianus and his son Titus destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. This will be the blood line the Antichrist will come from. We also see in this scripture that the Antichrist will make a "false" peace agreement between the Jews and Arabs, it will last seven years and in the middle of the 7th year or at 3.5 years he will walk into the temple and commit the Abomination that makes Desolate. You can read more about this in Matthew 24.


Now for the clue I referenced above. Let's turn in our Bibles to Revelation 17:10 . In this chapter we see John describing Rome and seven Kings. Now don't make the mistake and confuse seven Empires with the ten toes of Daniel. Let's keep in mind that in this chapter John is describing the seven Empires of the world. We also need to make a mental note, that when John was writing this, Rome was still strong and Rome is the 6th Empire to rule during John's era. Verse 10 says, "five have fallen, one is (Rome), and the other (Revived Rome the 10 toes) has not yet come."  1st clue, "when he comes." He is in the first person, the Holy Spirit through John is letting us know that the He is a person not necessarily a place or Kingdom, even though the Antichrist will reign from a Kingdom. Let's continue... The Antichrist will only be in power for seven years, that's a short time for any King to have power. I believe that the Bible is telling us that the same spirit that empowered Nero, Vespasianus and Titus (that was and is not) will also empower the Antichrist. 2nd clue... Verse 11; "The beast that was and is not, is himself also the eighth (England the 8th elected to the EU who is part of the 10 toes), and is of the seven (Revived Rome EU 7th world Empire) and is going to perdition.


Let's wrap this up. England was the 8th nation elected to the EU and I find it interesting that Tony Blair is pushing really hard to be the 1st EU President with all authority politically, administratively and for the common defense of Europe. He would have the powers that a  U.S. President has. Now I'm not saying Tony Blair is the Antichrist, however, what I am pointing out is that I believe the Bible is giving us a hint as to where the Antichrist could come from and I believe he could very possibly come from the (England) UK.


The frame work for his rule is in place and all the powers globally are pushing for this and the Middle East is in desperate trouble and furthermore, the EU will be the power to put the "false peace contract" in place. With all the evidence that is available to us and based on what the Bible reveals, I think we should all consider very seriously where we stand with G-d. Now is not the time to have a I'll wait and see attitude.


Time is quickly running out and the day for decision is NOW. Tell the people you love that the time to decide is NOW!!!


Now you know why it's important to understand the meaning of The Mystery of The Seven Empires of The World!


Until next time - Lord willing,


Bro Stef


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Because, in truth, because they have misled my people, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace; and because, when the people build a wall, these prophets smear whitewash on it. Say to those who smear whitewash on it that it shall fall.  (Ezekiel 13:1-16 / NRSV)

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