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Report Date: May 20, 2011
Special Report: The Fuse Has Been Lit...

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Amazing thing happened while you were at work today... Obama was the first President in our history to declare and insist Israel should move it's borders back to PRE-1967 and the PM of Israel told him to go fly a kite! Personally, I've been waiting for Israel to take a stand and today they did! Congratulations Israel...

Today Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel made some remarkable remarks while visiting Obama in the White House. Our President in one fail swoop has very possibly changed the geo-political landscape in the ME and how it will be crafted from this day forward.

Obama has set Israel up for a war with the Arabs by demanding that Israel pull back it's country and territories to "pre 1967" levels. He knew full well that Netanyahu would tell him to go fly a kite and he did that in a very diplomatic way today. In fact, our President was given a real lesson by Netanyahu, up close and personal, of how true political wrangling takes place.

To understand what "pre 1967" borders are in Israel look at this map. You will notice that the heart of Israel is cut out of her, along with Gaza, half of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. This would leave Israel open to attack from all sides and put her enemies right in the center of her homeland. This would be national suicide for any country to contemplate! For an additional analysis on this subject look at this report.

Obama is really not interested in a lasting peace with Israel, he would prefer to see Israel reduced to nothing if at all possible. He is creating the
environment where he will be able to point his finger at Israel and say something like this, you see, I've done everything possible to create peace between Israel and her neighbors and she is the problem, at every turn she refuses to compromise and it is Israel who is the problem! This creates the perfect escape hatch for Obama and provides the cover Israel's enemies need to attack her and try, by force, to force her into an impossible situation of surrender or death.  Israel's enemies will say to themselves, "if there's no chance of peace, let's destroy her." The world will encourage Israel's enemies to attack her by turning a blind eye to it, and war will ensue. Israel will never again go quietly into gas chambers or death camps. This time she will fight and if need be, she will exercise, if pushed, the Samson Option. This option has caused her radical neighbors to carefully consider the cost before attacking her. For those who don't know what the Samson Option is read this. Now that  her hostile neighbors have nuclear weapons, the Samson Option becomes a real possibility in the minds of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Those who study Bible Prophecy know and understand that Israel will never be fully destroyed, that her Messiah will deliver her just in time from most certain destruction. Please have your spiritual bags packed and be ready because Yeshua's return is on the horizon and what a day that will be!

War between Israel and her neighbors is brewing and is more than likely to happen this year. I believe we are seeing the stage being set for Psalm 2 and Psalm 83 to take place. The world is under estimating Israel and her resolve and with all the uprisings around her and Obama's obvious support of her enemies, Israel is understandably concerned and ready for the war that is coming.

Thank you Mr. President for lighting the fuse of war and putting all of us at risk!

Until next time, keep looking up!

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