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Report Date: June 4, 2009
Alert Status:
High Alert -
The Fox is in the Hen House
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There are those times when others can say it much better then me and this is one of those times! Please take a minute and browse the headlines that are listed at the end of this report, they are very interesting.

The Fox is in the Hen House
By Walid Shoebat an Ex-Terrorist

June 4, 2009

Even the fawning mainstream media are starting to crack open the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. On an ABC web site the question of Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim background was a taboo subject in the campaign and its contrast of the President’s now willingness to openly be proud of that background.
This should automatically be seen as a red flag, especially if you are a supporter of Israel as an ally, and its right to live in its own land free from threat. Do you honestly know any Muslim that is "pro Israel"? You can count on your hand how many Muslims are pro Israel, so the fact that President Obama is now proud of his Muslim heritage should be a major wake up call to all who voted for him; who also believe in the safety of America and Israel. The evidence of his anti Israel position was hidden by the mainstream media and the twenty years of attendance at Rev Wright’s church as well as being the Presidents spiritual mentor should suggest this position. Further, Obama stated that his friendship with Rashid Khalidi the PLO operative helped in molding his views regarding Israel. The LA Times withheld a video tape a few days prior to the election that exposed Presidents Obama’s true virulent anti Israel position.
Many might argue that the appointment of many Jews to President Obama’s administration including Rahm Emanuel would preclude him from being anti Israel. History shows that many Jews have acted against the interests of their own people. An example of this was Sir Herbert Samuel, a British secular Jew, appointed to be the first High Commissioner of the Palestine Mandate. Sir Herbert Samuel himself appointed the known Islamist, Haj Amin Husseini, who later became an ally of Hitler in the Holocaust and was the root cause of the Arab Israeli conflict.
Pressuring Israel not to expand existing settlements at the same time trying to tie Israel's actions to America's actions on stopping Iran from getting the bomb is criminal both to the safety of Israel and America. He has bowed to the Saudi King and twisted Europe’s arm to allow another Islamist fox (Turkey) into the E.U, especially since Europeans have made their views clear --  statistics show that 70% of Europeans do not want Turkey’s entry into the EU.
The fox has entered the henhouse working diligently to free chicken-killers. Obama wants the closure of Gitmo or bringing Muslim terrorists into the American prison system to help recruit American born inmates. Obama stopped the trials of terrorists that attacked the USS Cole. Obama initiated a policy of appeasement with Muslim nations including the now acceptance that "Iran has legitimate energy concerns regarding nuclear power." Obama proved what I have been saying for years, that American liberal mediocre minds are no match to fourteen centuries of Islamic deception. Obama knows well how to have Americans major on the minors (Water Boarding) while ignoring the majors -- Iran’s nuclear buildup and the nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He has alienated the CIA, undermining their morale as well as their ability to defend America. The water boarding PR campaign was initiated not because it might be undermining American values as anybody with common sense who knows the facts is
aware that water boarding was only used three times on terrorists who we knew had information we needed in order to save thousands of lives.  Even the media and the American people did not buy the Presidents arguments, so Nancy Pelosi became Obama’s sacrificial lamb and was set up to take the bate and she conveniently took the fall while Obama the fox got off the hook.
His spiritual actions are also striking as he ignores the tradition of all previous Presidents by not attending the National Day of Prayer breakfast. He specifically requests a picture of Jesus on the cross be removed from the wall that would be behind him when speaking at an event in Georgetown University.
The President found time to condemn the murder of the abortionist doctor but not a word on the murder by an Islamist who opened fire and killed a soldier in Arkansas. Both murders happened within hours of each other.  ‘America in not a Christian nation’ says Obama, but ‘the largest Muslim country.’ We are actually number 38 on the list.
Anyone who dared to expose prior to his inauguration was instantly labeled a nut case or racist bigot, but outlined above are the policies, words and the actions of a President that could be argued is an accurate description of a President doing as much as he can to do the bidding for the Islamist agenda. We will see the future with more of Obama’s lunatic policies when it comes to our defense but when his stardom wanes, enough Americans will finally get it and the danger this man poses to the safety of this nation and the free world will limit him to one term and maybe in 2010 if the Republicans can get their act together retake control the House of Representative to blunt some of this insanity.
Walid Shoebat

Bro Stef says, it's time to pray and then act. When the 2010 election cycle get's here you may want to consider electing officials that will bring balance to Obama and his social-fascism push. If we, the people, do not stop this madness we all will live to regret it. Now is the time to pray and act in wisdom! 1 Cor 1:25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.

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