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Report Date: June 10, 2011
Special Report: In The News

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Below I have listed some interesting items that are in the news. Also, comedian Steve Harvey ended his show with something I think you should see. How we love to see God praised.

Watch this video: http://bit.ly/kslJWm


In The News

Shavuot Began Tuesday Night »

June 07, 2011

The Jewish feast of Shavuot - the Feast of Weeks - began at sundown on Tuesday, June 7. This feast comes from Leviticus 23:16, which points to "the morrow after the seventh sabbath" after the Feast of First Fruits. The Feast of Weeks is associated with the giving of the Law in Exodus 19, historically believed to have occurred on the 6th of Sivan, fifty days after the Jews escaped from Egypt. It was a holiday of gratitude; of giving God the first fruits of the bounty that He had provided. The seven Feasts of Moses are not only commemorative, they are also prophetic. The first three, in the month of Nisan, are predictive of the First Coming of Jesus. The last three, in the month of Tishri, are associated with His Second Coming. Shavuot, celebrated in the middle, is associated with the Church. It was during the feast of Shavuot that the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples, an event which is celebrated by the Church as Pentecost.
- Koinonia House

Over 2400 People Hit With German E Coli Outbreak »

June 07, 2011

Germany's national disease control center says a further 94 people have been sickened by the deadliest E.coli outbreak in modern history. The Robert Koch Institute said the number of registered infections in Germany rose to 2,325 Tuesday, with those in other European countries still standing at about 100.
- AP

Germany Serious About Phasing Out Nuclear by 2022 »

June 07, 2011

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her country would close all of its 17 existing reactors by 2022. Other nations, including Japan, Italy, and Switzerland, have announced plans to pare back nuclear power, but none have gone as far as Germany, the world's fourth-largest economy. Merkel vows to replace nuclear power with alternatives that do not increase greenhouse gases or shackle the economic growth.
- Christian Science Monitor

Archeologist Identifies Second Temple Remains »

June 05, 2011

One of the most prominent Israeli archaeologists declared today that remains from the First and Second Jewish Temple period – including the Second Temple itself – lie underneath the Temple Mount surface, just waiting to be excavated. Dr. Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University accused the site's Islamic custodians of destroying Jewish artifacts while attempting to turn the Temple Mount into a "giant mosque."
- WorldNetDaily

October Draconid Meteor Shower Promises Big Show »

June 03, 2011

Sky gazers may be treated with the biggest meteor shower of a lifetime on October 8 - the Draconid shower is expected to produce 1,000 meteors per hour this year. Normally, the Draconids (so-named because its meteors appear to radiate from the northern constellation Draco) are a weak shower producing perhaps 10 meteors per hour. The 2011 Draconid outburst is expected to occur between 17:00 and 18:00 Universal Time on October 8, 2011. The best locations from which to view the shower, which is only visible in the northern hemisphere, will be Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Priests Have Rare Chance To Offer Blessings On Temple Mount »

June 02, 2011
For the first time in the history of Israeli restrictions on Jewish entry to the Temple Mount, the recitation of the Priestly Blessing was permitted there. It happened on Wednesday, Jerusalem Reunification Day, when hundreds of visitors – all of whom immersed in a mikveh (ritual bath) prior to coming and took other precautions required by Jewish Law – were allowed to enter the Temple Mount in groups of 30-40. Among them were several Cohanim (descendants of Aharon the Priest). They spread their hands in the customary manner and recited, 'May God bless and watch over your… May God shine His countenance upon and show you grace… May God raise His countenance towards you and grant you peace' from Numbers 6.
- Arutz Sheva

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