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Report Date: September 1, 2011
Middle East Update: Israel, Iran, Syria and Egypt

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There are very interesting developments in the Middle East right now that I wanted to bring to your attention. I also want to try to reconstruct the flow of information, so you get the feel for how this has developed.

Item 1 -- Part of Arab Spring: We have been hearing reports in the media about Syria and how she is killing her people, wholesale, at will. Assad has received warnings from the U.S., Russia, and various Arab countries to cease and desist from his acts of murder or face more stringent efforts from the world body against him . Please read this report now...

Item 2 -- Aug. 29th: Israel is being bombarded from Iranian factions on a ongoing basis. She also is very uneasy about the PA announcing in September that they are a national country with rights to East Jerusalem. Israel prepares for war... Please read this report now...

Item 3 -- Aug. 30th: Iran dispatches its Navy vessels along with its subs to the Red Sea. Iran fears that its friend and ally Syria might be in trouble and while they are at it, they want to stir up trouble in the Sinai and create a diversion. Please read this report now...

Item 4 -- Aug 30th: Within the same day Israel dispatches its Navy and subs to the Red Sea to make sure it can watch Iran and see what they are up to both with Syria and the Sinai. Please read this report now...

Having Israel and Iran in the same waters and within proximity of one another, makes not only me, but the whole world very nervous. Iran would love nothing more that to create a situation where the world becomes diverted from Syria and focuses elsewhere in the ME. The other concern here, Syria's Assad may feel cornered and lash out along with factions from Libya and Egypt against a common enemy - Israel.

Nothing brings these hate mongering dictators together than their collective hate for Israel and God's people the Jews.

Ezekiel 38 does provide us details into those countries in the ME that will one day soon come against Israel. Even though we have not highlighted Turkey in this report, Turkey will be one of the many in the ME that is involved in this attack against Israel. Interesting that Turkey over the last few years has turned against Israel. I remember 30 years ago, no one in the world of Prophecy, at that time, could see how Turkey and Israel would be enemies. Well, now we see it and we can see it very clearly. Its interesting that the very countries in the ME today that are in turmoil and preoccupied with the Arab Spring are the very ones the Bible points to as those who are destined to attack Israel in the last days. Its amazing to sit back with the Bible in hand and watch how God puts all the pieces of the puzzle together. What an amazing God we serve!

Keep your eyes on these developments between Syria, Egypt and Iran as they relate to Israel. It should get very interesting...

God Bless and Keep Looking Up,

Bro Stef

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