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Report Date: December 23, 2010
Special Report: Open Letter - Homosexuality in The Military?

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I really try not to engage too much in politics, however, sometimes you just can't stay out of the fight and this is one of those times. Below you will find an "open" letter from Col. Robert Maginnis on homosexuals in the military.

I think we need to take a look at what the function of the military is. The military's primary purpose is to defend the country and it's citizens. The military is not a place for social experiments and it is not the place to ram down the country's throat immoral behaviors like homosexuality by using the military as the tool for this ungodly platform. Go here and listen to this December 23rd audio for another perspective.

Some of my subscribers will not agree with me on this perspective, by today's standards it's considered "old school," but here it goes, I have never been in agreement with women on the frontlines of battle whether it be military, fire departments, police departments and this new social experiment has thrown me over the preverbal edge! There just are some things that men are to be involved in and women shouldn't be involved in and I think the majority of the Bible will bare me out on this.

The last thing we need in the military is our men or women distracted by sexual orientation issues. Here's my perspective as a man. If I'm in the general showering quarters I do not want in the back of my mind, "does the guy next to me find me attractive." When I'm on the frontlines in the middle of a war I don't want to deal with issues like that. Many will not discuss the issue as candidly as I just have, however, that's just one of many things that will go through the mind of our heterosexual military men. I don't want to share a shower area with women either, especially if I'm married for crying out loud! It just doesn't work, it breaks down the decorum of the military and we can't afford that.

If I had a eighteen year old at home and with this new law of the land now in place for the military, I would do all I could do to persuade my eighteen year old to stay out of the military. Let me be clear here, I am not in favor of treating anyone badly, I have a nephew who is openly gay and our family loves and respects him. Do I agree with his life style choice NO! There are just some things that are right and that make common sense, Gay's in the military just doesn't make sense and I believe the Lord is not pleased at all with the direction that this country is headed and it's need to appease everyone but Jews and Christians!

It seems to me that the political correctness and appeasement of everything crowd have made big in roads into the very fabric of our country and now have taken hostage the military. The message our society is sending to the young people of this country is this, and by the way this is very dangerous, everything is permissible and okay as long as you feel good about it and you don't overtly hurt anyone else by your choice. We don't care if God is bothered, who is He? It's kind of like the 60's and early 70's, "just cool it and let me do my thing..." That's what I used to say as a kid until my Mother knocked by block off one day at 14 years old. Boy, that cured me and cured me fast!

Maybe that's what we need as a country, a good spanking. If it keeps up my friends that's what the world is going to get, a spanking from the King of Kings that they never will forget!

I think you have a clear picture of how I feel, so now lets see what Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis thinks.

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We are no better than Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a sad day for America!

By: Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis
More About  Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

Provided By: Prophecy Today

Today President Obama signs the repeal of our 235 year old ban on open homosexuality in the military.  The repeal is made possible by the majority of our Congress, including many Republicans.   Homosexuals now enjoy the endorsement of the US Government - the wall is down, evil is flooding in.

It occurs to me that Congress and Obama are just like the officials at Sodom and Gomorrah who turned a deaf ear to Lot and his visiting angels.  Are we now expected to trust our children to a military which is forced to blindly accept sodomites?   I suspect many God-fearing Americans will discourage their children from joining the military and our country will be less safe as a result.   Worse, our enlistment margins are so thin now that in time conscription becomes inevitable and then the government will force our children into service with those God condemns.

It is clear most Americans are blind to this evil vis-a-vis national polls and those who see the evil either failed to speak loud enough or were too afraid to go against the corrupt culture.   This action by Obama and our Congress is evidence of our moral decline much as Rome, which became caught up in homosexuality, imploded. 

Once Obama signs the "Don't Ask" repeal the Pentagon will establish a committee to begin the implementation process.  That process will last many months to legitimize homosexuality - make it a protected class.  The military will not complain and those who won't tolerate this change will drift away or be forced out.   Our country, military will be weaker as a result and our enemies - especially Islamists who put homosexuals to death - will celebrate.

This radical change will adversely impact the military's culture and serious incidents will be swept under the rug.  We have a precursor to this change that suggests how bad things could become.  The integration of women illustrates my point.  Yes, women serve our country well in the military but mixing young people in military settings especially far from home and in forced intimate situations hurts them and our military effectiveness and readiness.   Consider the following 34 years after the Congress promised the integration of women would be a non-event.

For many years the military pretended the issue of women in the ranks has been a great success but seldom does the military admit to the serious problems.  Just look at our very high sexual assault rates - 2009 the highest ever and 7% were homosexual assaults.  Young female service members have a suicide rate that is three times their civilian counterparts.  Their enlistment and retention rates are down, especially since 2001.  Why?  Plane loads of young service women become pregnant to win early departures from the war zones.  Many seek abortions and others use the Pentagon-provided "morning after pill" to kill their babies.   Sex, morality are tough issues for a military.  Does anyone believe repealing the ban on open homosexuality is going to be easier than our efforts to fully integrate women?

Will chaplains be silienced about their opposition to homosexuality?  The Pentagon promises no suppression of speech for chaplains who rightly believe homosexuality is a sin.  I've been speaking with chaplains.  They doubt the Pentagon's promises.   Is this the end of the military chaplaincy?

The Pentagon's report says there will be no medical impact but in the same breath it acknowledges homosexuals engage in behavior known to be associated with a high incidence of HIV/AIDS.  They know because I told the Pentagon working group that we have thousands of service members on active duty living with HIV/AIDS which they contracted primarily through sex, many homosexual sex.  These people are non-deployable which means other healthy service members must deploy in their place. 

The Pentagon says it's too hard and expensive to separate open homosexuals from heterosexuals.   That's a good reason for American moms and dads to think twice about entrusting their teenage children to a bankrupt government.

And this repeal decision comes during war and in spite of discouraging voices from our combatants.  This is absolutely irresponsible to ignore those who are at the tip of the spear.  Marine Commandant Gen Amos warned of violence.

Obama and the majority of our Congress called evil good.   A nation that follows evil leaders will be judged.  I fear for our country.


bulletIt is past time we get on our knees and humble ourselves before our God. 
bullet It is past time we speak boldly the truth to a culture blind to the pervasive evil. 
bullet It is past time we hold our elected officials accountable for their immoral votes. 
bullet It is time the Christian remnant be heard or else like Rome and Israel of old our nation will become little more than refuse for the trash heap of history.

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