‘Palestinians’ warn US over Jerusalem bill 
Email Alert Message for: April 26, 2005

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Today's Headline's:
++++ ‘Palestinians’ warn US over Jerusalem bill ++++
- The “Palestinian” terrorist organization Hamas
has threatened to ramp up violence against Israelis if the US
Congress dares to ratify a bill calling for global recognition
of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital.

The proposed legislation was submitted by Senator Sam Brownback

It links recognition of a unified Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to the
establishment of a Palestinian Arab state. 

++++ Israel and The Temple Mount ++++
By Stephan McCarroll, Publisher
Middle East Peace Update Report
If you're like me you have probably wondered why Israel gave up the Temple
Mount, their holiest site to Arab control?
The other day I was reading various articles on the subject and pondered
this dilemma. To me it just didn't make a lot of sense. The Jews have labored
to live in peace and have shed the blood of their young soldiers to be free in
an area of the world that is hostile to all things not Muslim. So why would they
have sacrificed so much to only turn over their most Holiest site to the enemy
of their souls? It dawned on me that this kind of action could only mean one
of two things:
1. The Israeli government lost it's collective mind
2. God has a plan
The latter is what I believe has happened. Below is my take on the subject:
We know from our studying the book of Daniel and Revelation that the Man of Sin or
Antichrist will play a special role in the Tribulation period. We know that he will
succeed in misleading the Jews in thinking he is their long awaited Messiah. He will
also be successful in convincing the world that he and he alone holds the keys to
peace world wide. Therefore, it made sense to me that there should be an issue that
is so politically explosive, that at the solving of the problem, the Antichrist would be
revered as a modern day Messiah. The Temple Mount issue is, I believe, that politically
explosive issue that God will allow the Antichrist to solve, at least in the interim. Students
of Bible Prophecy know full well that anything the Antichrist does will at best be
temporary and not long lasting. However, the Temple mount issue has the potential, once the
issue is solved, of completely sucking the entire world into a demonic imposed comma, that
the Devil himself will use to deceive the nations.
To sum it all up...The Temple Mount crisis will only intensify in political pressure until
the man of the hour - the Antichrist comes onto the scene with all the answers and all
the solutions, so that the world will hail him god. At last the Devil, that evil serpent of old,
will have his day in the sun, he will hear the words he always wanted to hear, the words
that God has not allowed him to hear until now...You are god. What a day of darkness and
gloom that will be. His day in the sun will be short lived and soon after all will see our
Glorious King and all His Saints with Him coming in the clouds of glory to save this
earth from the Devils destructive ways. What a day that will be!
Keep your eyes on this issue and expect it to grow and intensify the King is Coming!
++++ In Other News ++++
U,S, Sells F-16 Fighters to Nuclear Nations

Reported by:  Zola Levitt of the Levitt Letter
May 2005 Issue / Pg. 17  
The U.S. has just agreed to sell nuclear capable F-16 fighters to nuclear
Pakistan and India. If this isn't pure insanity...Looks like we're doing our
part in arming the Gog and Magog nations that will one day soon come against
our only real friend in the Middle East, Israel!
The Coming Gog and Magog War

Reported by:  Zola Levitt of the Levitt Letter
April 2005 Issue / Pg. 29  
February 2005 Russia declared it will supply Iran with nuclear materials and
that Iran will not use these materials for anything but conventional means.
Interesting thought here...
If Israel attacked Iran's nuclear sites, this would give the Arab world, including
Russia the excuse it needs to attack Israel. We could be looking at the foundational
elements that could bring about the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38!
"For Zion’s sake I will not be
silent and for Jerusalem’s sake
I will not rest."- Isaiah 62.1

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