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Middle East Peace Update Report
Publisher: Stephan M. McCarroll

Today’s Issue for: October 3, 2006
News Alert Class: Urgent Prayer Request


October 2, 2006

IRAN: Fears are growing for Fereshteh Dibaj and her husband Amir Montazemi

It has been more than six days since the arrest of Fereshteh Dibaj and her husband Amir Montazemi, and fears for their safety are growing. In particular, family members are very concerned for Fereshteh, daughter of the martyred Rev. Mehdi Dibaj, as no one has heard from her since her arrest in the early hours of Tuesday September 26th in Mashad, Iran.

“There has been no communication at all from Fereshteh since her arrest and we are very concerned”, says Issa Dibaj, Fereshteh’s brother who lives in the UK.  “While Amir has been allowed a brief phone call home to say he is OK, there’s been no word from Fereshteh. We simply don’t know what has happened to her.  She might have been tortured during the interrogations and may be too traumatized to talk, or it may be that the authorities are deliberately preventing her from talking to her six-year old daughter to put Fereshteh under as much psychological pressure as possible.” 

Family members have repeatedly pleaded with the local authorities in Mashad to let Fereshteh speak to six-year old Christine and assure them of her well-being, but each time the authorities have declined their request. Yesterday Mr Montazemi, Amir’s 91 year old uncle, called the authorities and pleaded with them to at least let Fereshteh speak to her child. They told him to hang up so Fereshteh can phone.  However, no such phone call came.

In Tehran, church leaders asked government officials to help secure the couple’s release, but were told it was a matter for the secret police in Mashad and that they could not help.

No reason has been given by the authorities for the arrest of this Christian couple. Christians in Iran have faced persecution since the 1979 Islamic revolution and live with the threat of harassment, interrogations, imprisonment and even death.  In 1994, Fereshteh’s father was martyred when he was abducted and killed while on his way to Fereshteh’s birthday party.  He had spent over 9 years in prison prior to that on charges of converting from Islam to Christianity.

Fereshteh and Amir’s family members are asking for the prayers of Christians world-wide. “We would like to ask people to pray for this situation.  This issue does not just affect our family, but the whole church in Iran. Despite the threat of persecution, Iranian believers are courageous and are determined to live out their faith – they all need our encouragement and support at this time,” explains Issa.

What you can do: 


bullet Please share this prayer request with your church, denomination or network. 
bullet Email words of support to Fereshteh and Amir’s family at [email protected]     
bullet Stay up to date on this case and other issues in Iran at www.prayforiran.com and www.elam.com


Issa Dibaj is available for media interviews.  Please call +1 404 474 2378 or +44 1483 427 778 in the UK to arrange an interview.  

Sam Yeghnazar
Elam Ministries 

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