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Bro Stef's Commentary

Report Date: December 12, 2006
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Is The Noose Tightening?

There seems to be plan a-foot that has the possible potential of causing the U.S. extreme trouble economically. Some believe, see Today's Headlines below, that global powers like China, N. Korea, Russia, Iran (Middle East), and Venezuela are doing all they can to bring the U.S. down financially. In effect opening a new war front.


Does the U.S. have and Achilles heel? Are the high deficits or national debt that we carry a chink in our armor that the world can use against us? According to the articles below it sure looks that way.

China is so capable of hurting us economically that the President is sending virtually his entire economic staff to China this week (Article Here). Coming from the Financial Planning industry myself, I've been scratching my head wondering where the shock and awe of the great economy has been, until I began to see the big picture, that China is shifting it's holdings from U.S. currency to Euro's. The economic impact of this can not be understated.


Most American's are not aware that North Korea has flooded our system and the world market with counterfeit U.S. $100 bills that are so well constructed that not even the Secret Service Agents can identify them at first glance! By having $100 bills circulating, that are not backed by any economic value disrupts the economic balance of the U.S. So where is all of this headed prophetically?


It looks to me that the U.S. is now fighting a war on a few fronts; the Middle East, Economically and now in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez has made deals with China, N. Korea, Russia all Arab countries and specifically with Iran to be the leading oil supplier for years to come. Did you know Venezuela has enough oil to supply the world's addiction to it for 100 or more years? That's right, but it doesn't stop there. Now that Venezuela, China, Russia, N. Korea and Iran are bosom buddies, Iran will use Venezuela for a launching pad for it's nuclear capable Shaab 3 ICBM missile systems and they are right in the U.S. back yard. Now you can see why I ask the question, "Is The Noose Tightening?" The danger this poses to our national security is unbelievably off the charts!


The U.S. is virtually surrounded by enemies that seek our destruction. North Korea can hit our western coast, Iran can now hit us thanks to Hugo. Russia and China can hit us at anytime from anywhere. And throw into the mix the economic warfare and our government moving to the far left, along with our anti-God stance, potential terrorist strikes and we have an ugly situation brewing... Real ugly!


I really want to make this point really clear. I have no idea where all of this can lead. I don't have an inside track into the mind of God, however, I can say this with certainty - that the events that are unfolding do point to a need for peace and a world structure and/or system that can hold back these catastrophes from happening. Will the rapture or removal of all believers be the incident that brings the world together under the Antichrist's banner? Will it be a war the scares the you know what out of everyone that does this? Will it be mass terror attacks and the need to attack a common enemy? No one knows, only God knows. This is why we all must be ready to meet Yeshua at anytime. No one knows the day nor the hour of His return! Mark 13-28-37


We know that the world government of the Antichrist is coming. All one needs to do is read the headlines and news coming out of the EU. The EU wants the U.S. to take a back seat over the Israeli/Arab problem. The EU wants to be the peace broker. You know what, that's exactly what the Bible says will happen. Europe will end up making a deal that no one can refuse and it will for a time seem to work, but in just over three short years it will fail. Then will come the Messiah and His government. His government will be the final solution and His government will never end and it will not fail! (Isa 9:7 and Psalms 2:7-9)


Take the time to read Revelation 17 - 22 for a great overview of where the world is now headed...


If you don't have a relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus our Messiah) now would be a good time to begin that relationship! Get back to the person who led you here and I'm sure they would love to chat with you. If you have no one to talk with, then by all means call me.


Come Yeshua Come!

Today's Headlines
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