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Bro Stef's Commentary

Report Date: April 5, 2007
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As a reminder, please look below at today's prayer requests.


As you probably have figured out by now, we have entered another birth pang quite period. Not much is going on that we can see. There is a lot going on that we can not see however. The spiritual realm doesn't sleep and the battle does rage on. Today I thought we would do something a bit different.


There's a lot of talk going on about this so called "Secret..." I thought I would shed some light on the subject by using the Word of God to make sense of the Secret. What I've done is listed my scriptural references below, you can study those at a later date if you chose. I believe what I am sharing with you today has been inspired by the Lord. I will do my best to tie today's commentary into biblical Prophecy.


For those who may not know what the Secret is I will provide you with a brief synopsis on the video. The video presents a variety of speakers or presenters who range from motivational people to spiritual/new age teachers. The basis of the Secret is what they refer to as The Law of Attraction. You attract to yourself in life what you think about. Therefore, if you think good thoughts - good things will happen to you. The video goes on to instruct the viewer that you can have expensive cars, money, social status and anything and everything one's heart could desire if you only think it into existence. There premise is, if my thoughts and attitudes are right, then my actions will follow and the result will be everything my heart desires. This is the basic fundamental teaching in the video.


Let's talk about positive thinking for a minute. It's a good thing to desire to be good and it's a good thing to want to think good thoughts and to not be a cranky negative person. Have you ever been around someone whose always is cranky or negative? We all have. If you have a bad sour attitude I think it stands to reason you will miss opportunities that the Lord brings your way. I also think a bad attitude can and will shape your mind in a way that is not productive. Therefore, having a good attitude is important. The question becomes, will a positive attitude create in my life everything I want? According to the secret the answer is yes. According to scripture the answer is no.


The Bible does teach us that the time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine. I find it very interesting, when I discuss the secret with those who have bought into it, they get very defensive about their position, even though the Bible is contrary to it. The part of this that causes me great concern, most of these people I've talked with are professing Christians. That's scary...I think we've entered into the time when people will cease wanting to hear the sound doctrine of God's Word.


To say that I have power over my own life is to deny that God controls my life. Yes we certainly have some power over our lives, however, the power to create a reality that does not yet exist is not within my grasp, especially if I have surrendered my will to the Lord. Let's take a quick look at Job. You know the story.


When Job was alive he was one of the, if not the richest and most righteous man that was alive. He lived his life unto the Lord. He was surrendered to God. His friends came to him for advise. He was extremely wealthy and I'm sure he had a positive attitude about life. Job had everything his heart desired. Job had a large family a great wife, servants, sheep, he had it all. He had everything to live for and I mean everything. God blessed Job beyond what I'm sure he could have imagined! One day Satan goes before the Lord and basically tells God that if Job lost everything then he would curse God to His face. The Lord decided to use a mere human to shame Satan by Job's unwillingness to hate God. Can you imagine having everything and having God's protection around you and one day all of that is gone in one afternoon. Your entire life literally goes up in smoke. That's what happened to Job a honest, positive thinking, positive attitude, righteous - upright man. He loses it all in one day.


Here's my point. Though Job did everything right and practically nothing wrong he still was subject to God and His God allowed evil to touch him. Everyone and everything he had, gone in one afternoon. No matter how positive you think or how good you are, the sky can fall on all of us at any moment. That is, unless you serve Yeshua and you have His protection. My point is this, God controls our lives and our ultimate destiny's, Job proves that to be the case. You can get it all right, say it all the right words, think all the right thoughts and still have a bad result. As Christians and followers of Christ we are not guaranteed anything in this life except one thing, we will have eternal life and have all of our hearts desires met in Christ in heaven forever. A life of roses without thorns we are never promised in scripture!


Next...the Secret video leads us to believe that the power to create rests solely in our hands. This my friends is the biggest and oldest lie in the book. Satan went to Eve and told her this exact thing. Eat of the fruit and you will be like God. Sound familiar? This video says exactly that. Oh, I know, they've packaged it real nice, put great effects into it, spent millions on the production, but still, it's a lie from the Devil himself. Look, if you think Satan is going to show up in your living room and tell you, "hi Stef, I'm here to hurt you today," your kidding yourself. The Devil doesn't usually work that way. What he likes to do is to use things that we are familiar with and package them in such a way, with just enough truth, to get us to buy in - hook line and sinker. That's what the Secret does and it does it really well. You see, there's just enough truth and showman ship to get your attention and finally to enslave you and get you rooted in the big lie. This production has sucked in Christians and non-believers alike. Think right, act right and get your own nice big gold Roles Royce. Not once in that video did they instruct us to go before God the King of the universe and ask that His will be done in our lives and that He help us to serve Him with our whole hearts. And you know why? Because that's not what they want. If you do that, you won't spend your money on their product and worse, you'll be an independent thinker, Satan doesn't want that at all.


Let's connect the Prophetic dots. The Devil is beginning to set the stage for his Antichrist to come onto the scene. What he needs is people to be so deceived, like he is, that they will actually think they're in control of their own lives and they don't need God. This type of mentality makes way for the Devil to control people through false peace, false security, appeasement and the trappings of the nice things of materialism. The Secret points the viewer to "self" away from God. I am my own god. The Devils oldest trick in his book. My advice, run as fast as you can away from this teaching!


Again, I ask you to rethink the story of Job and please read the scriptures below and I think you'll see that God is not a big slot machine in the sky giving us everything we think we want. God loves us enough to give us what he knows we need. Some of us need a swift kick you know where, some of us need a hug, some of us need a word of encouragement and some of us need a trial by fire to wake us up. Whatever your need is God will supply it. I know this because I've live long enough to see Him do it in my life.


There have been times when I have gotten it all right, said it right did it right and the sky still fell on me. No matter how positive I was and how clear my thoughts, the sky still fell, unfortunate things happened. There have been times when I was negative and great things happened for me. God holds the universe in the palm of His hand, the earth is His foot stool, I will trust Him, not my own intellect. How can I know my own heart? Maybe my own heart has deceived me. If I trust in the Lord and look to Him I can't go wrong, even when I am wrong.


Be nice, strive for peace, learn to love, if you have the power to do good, then do good for someone today. Pray for those who need the Lord, pray for your neighbors, pray for those who have used you, live as unto the Lord and allow the holy Spirit to guide you through this life. It's God who decides when it should rain and when the sun should shine.


A final word of wisdom...Whenever someone's advice or answer for life's difficulties directs you away from Christ, not towards Him, run away as fast as you can from that advice. It's a certainty that God is not in it! Read God's Word take it literally and you will always know the truth - God will never mislead you.


Finally, look to Yeshua (Christ) and in everything you do - trust in the Lord!


 Scriptural Basis For Our Study Today:

Matthew 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of...
Matthew 12:33-37 How can we who are evil...
2 Timothy 4: 1-8 Sound doctrine & itching ears...
John 15: 1-8 Without me you can do....
Romans 3: 10-18
Ecclesiastes 7:20
None are righteous...
Psalms 53 The fool has said in his heart...


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Because, in truth, because they have misled my people, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace; and because, when the people build a wall, these prophets smear whitewash on it. Say to those who smear whitewash on it that it shall fall.
(Ezekiel 13:1-16 / NRSV)


Today's Prayer Requests

2 Year Old Joshua - Heart murmur and reflux

Bro Stef's Mom Arlene - Cancer surgery will take place on Thursday, April 12 at 1pm

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