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Bro Stef's Commentary

Report Date: June 1, 2007
Ezekiel and This Generation
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I was going to write a report on Iran and China and what the newest developments in these two countries meant prophetically, however, as I was reading the scripture today, the Lord redirected me to something that has much more significance.


Ezekiel was a Prophet who ministered from 593 to 571 B.C. During the time of Ezekiel's ministry there were many false Prophets who declared that Jerusalem would not be destroyed, however, both Jeremiah and Ezekiel declared that the captivity into Babylon would not be short lived, but instead they wanted to prepare the people for a prolonged stay in Babylon. As you can imagine that message was not very popular. Ezekiel was a very colorful Prophet in that he acted out the Prophecies that God gave through him. If Ezekiel were alive today, he would be viewed as somewhat weird maybe even a bit off his rocker. With that being said, Ezekiel's Prophecies dealt extensively with the restoration of Israel, God's people and the coming Messiah. The last part of the book of Ezekiel can be viewed as a reliable outline of those events that are still in our future and are finding fulfillment in the generation from 1948 through today.


Ezekiel deals extensively with the upcoming battle in which the Russian/Persian armies attempt to destroy Israel . The countries involved in this future battle, which I believe is on the horizon are Russia, Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer and Togarmah (Today are Ashkenazie's or Eastern Europeans), go here for self study.


Now that we have some background, let's dig into Ezekiel 37 through 38 a bit. Before we go on, you should know that Ezekiel chapters 37 - 39 are put together by the Holy Spirit in such a way as to be a condensed outline of End Time events that take place prior to the rapture of the church during 1948

(Revelation 4:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), the tribulation period and events that happen during the tribulation period, also referred to as The Time of Jacob's Trouble found in Jeremiah 30:1-9; Matthew 24:21 and the sequential events of Revelation 6-20. We'll highlight the scriptural reference and dates that we can prove apply as we move forward in our study.


Ezekiel Chapter 37 - The valley of Dry Bones. It's fulfillment was in 1948. Here we have Ezekiel speaking to dead bones, I told you he was a colorful Prophet. As Ezekiel speaks to these bones they begin to come together. Not only do they start moving together, he sees muscle and ligaments begin to form, then he sees skin appear and before he knows it God has raised up an army of people, after which come to life when Ezekiel calls to the winds of the four corners of the earth and God put's the spirit of life into this army. Who are these people? Who is this great army that was dead and is now alive? The Bible of course provides the answer, it is the people of Israel, the Jews who have lost hope and who have been scattered among the nations, a people without their own land. But wait, the story doesn't end here, it's just getting good!


In Ezekiel 37:15 the Lord tells Ezekiel to take two sticks, on one write for Judah and the children of Israel and on the other for Joseph, the stick of Ephriam and for all the house of Israel. Then the Lord asks Ezekiel to join the two sticks together and the Lord tells Ezekiel that the people will ask, what is the meaning of the sticks? The Lord explains in detail what the meaning of the two sticks are. He tells Ezekiel that at the right time in history, I believe this is that time, the Lord would bring Northern Israel and Southern Israel together as one. And so it is today. In 1948 Israel became a nation and that nation is one nation not two. The Lord is careful to point out in verse 22 that never again will Israel be divided into two nations.


The prophecy is really made up of two parts, the first being the rebirth and ingathering of the Jewish people to Israel as one nation under God. The second part is the people would be ruled by the Prince of Peace, Yeshua, Christ and God's sanctuary would be in their midst and His people would know Him and walk with Him and His dwelling or presence would never be removed from them again. This is the part we are all waiting for. God has not poured His spirit out on the whole house of Israel yet...notice I say - yet. It will happen and I believe that day is drawing closer by the minute.


Let's recap. So far we have discussed the rebirth of Israel in 1948 and Israel being established as one nation, not two regions, but one. We've also talked about God pouring out His spirit on His people and establishing His dwelling with them forever and ever. So, what must happen first or next, for God to pour out His spirit on His people and for Him to return permanently?


We must see a false peace established. We know in the book of Daniel that this false peace will be established by a antichrist, the copy cat of Christ. Ezekiel gives us hint as to when these things will begin to happen. Look at Ezekiel 38:14; the hint is that God's people are dwelling in the land securely. Just open any newspaper or watch any news show, Israel is in the process of fighting for her life. She is bombed on a daily basis, this is hardly secure. The only way the world will feel like Israel is at peace and secure with her defenses down, is when she is at peace with her Arab enemies. These enemies are outlined in Ezekiel 38:1-6. I really love how definite the Bible is in describing when the time of this invasion will be, "on that day when my people Israel dwell safely, will you not know it?" There will be no questions about it, all the world will know when Israel is dwelling safely, nothing will be on the news, no reports will be filed, the only thing that the media will be able to report is how happy everyone is. By the way, the media finds happiness boring.


So, here we have it, the very first war after the seven year peace plan goes into effect. It's my belief that this first war, shown to us in Ezekiel, will occur probably at the mid point of the seven year tribulation period. It really makes sense and here's why. The first 3.5 years of the seven year tribulation is a false peace. The world thinks they have done it, achieved the peace everyone so desired. Just when everyone takes a deep breath of relief - all hell breaks lose. See Revelation 6-19 and Matthew 24 or Luke 21 for details. Then the war to end all wars, Armageddon, breaks out after this war and after a careful review of Ezekiel it looks to me that Ezekiel 39 details the war of Armageddon quite vividly. You can cross reference this with Joel, Zechariah and the final battle that is detailed in Revelation 16, 19 and 20 as well. Many scholars have taught that Ezekiel 38 and 39 are one battle, I believe they are two distinct and different battles. Just study the order of Ezekiel. In fact let's do that now.


Order of the last part of the book of Ezekiel by chapter:


Chapter 37: Details the events of 1948, Israel's rebirth as a nation and homeland for the Jewish people. The two sticks become one, never be divided again.


Chapter 38: While the people of Israel are dwelling in safety due to the false peace of the Antichrist, they are viciously attacked by the Russian/Persian Alliance.


Chapter 39: Detailed analysis of the war to end wars - Armageddon. Revelation 19


Chapter 40:The New City of God, the new temple and God now dwells on earth with His people. Millennium Reign of Christ Revelation 20.


Chapters 44-48: Laws of God established along with the Lords judicial system and His way of life to be installed and carried out for all. God's world will be a world full of His love, fairness, justice and mercy equally dispensed for all. Revelation 19-22

With the above as our foundation, how does China and Iran of today fit into the Prophetic scenario outlined in the Bible? Once you understand chapters 37-48 of Ezekiel and you tie in Revelation 6-22 and Revelation 9:15-19 and 16:12 it becomes very apparent.


As mentioned Ezekiel 38 gives us the countries that will be involved in the first wave that comes against Israel. Iran is named as Persia and what I find very interesting is where Iran is headed today. They are extremely close to having a nuclear bomb and by the way, it's my belief that they already have it. I really believe they are waiting for the best time to strike. We know from past reports that we have printed, Iran posses EMP technology, which is really worse than a nuclear bomb. EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. To study this read this article and do a Google Search using "EMP." You'll be amazed at what's out there.


EMP when detonated 200 miles above your target will literally cause all electronic devices to instantly stop working. Now, just use your imagination for a minute. Having all electronic equipment fail, what would that do to the U.S.? Right, it would put us instantly back into the horse and buggy era, of which, we are not prepared for. So, Iran is quickly becoming a country that is of great concern to the modern world. Unfortunately, the world does not have the collective will to do anything about Iran as a threat. Read why appeasement never works.  Good audio on Iran; Listen to this audio out of Israel. Lastly, the U.S. has moved it's naval fleet to the Middle East, see this article, and in particular, we have surrounded Iran. It's commonly believed that the U.S. believes there may be a war this summer in the Middle East, therefore, we are making sure we have the man power and equipment in place to handle whatever comes.


Now let's move on to China. You think Iran is scary, China makes them look like mere infants by comparison. China can man without any difficulty a 200 million man army (see this article and Rev 9:15-19),  China is spending over 60% of there gross national product (GDP) on warfare, munitions, bombs, ships, man power, satellite and computer technology, inter-ballistic and nuclear technology and it goes on and on. China is preparing for the war they know full well they will be engaged in - in the Middle East and very possibly against the U.S. and Great Britan. China and Russia could give two cents about any of us, after all, they have slaughtered millions of their own people to remain in power. Read this article just to get a glimpse of what is being said globally about China. Lastly, China and Russia have joined forces just as the Bible predicted, in order to counter the growing power base of the EU and the U.S.


What does all of this mean to us? It's really very simple. The writing by God's hand is on the wall. The Lord is returning very-very soon. We really need to be doing what Charles Spurgeon said, “If sinners are to be damned, let them leap over our bodies to do so." We are living in that time when the world as we have known it is just about ready to change in a very permanent way and it's the right time for us to be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us. That's what all of this means, it's time for the believer's in Christ - Yeshua to speak up!


See ya next month...Lord willing.

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